Shawnee County Government Grants (Kansas)

A Department of Education is a federal or state agency that provides leadership, develops policy, and awards funding for public schools in Shawnee County, Kansas. As part of this mission, Departments of Education distribute grants and federal funding, including education block grants, Title I grants, and IDEA grants. They also award School Improvement Grants, Teacher Incentive Funds, and Pell Grants, in addition to other student loans and grants. Students, teachers, and educators can learn more about Shawnee County government grants issued by the Department of Education on its website.

Kansas of Department of Education Topeka KS 900 Southwest Jackson Street 66612 785-273-3600

Topeka Jefferson Parish Department of Education Topeka KS 1420 Southwest Arrowhead Road, 100 66604 504-371-0476

A Veterans Affairs Department provides services to veterans, including veterans from the Armed Forces and Reserves in Shawnee County, Kansas. The federal VA, as well as local Shawnee County branches, provide government grants for veterans in rural areas, homeless providers grants, community agency grants, and nurse retention grants. The Shawnee County VA also provides cemetery grants and supportive services grants for veterans and their families. VA grants both go to agencies, organizations, and individual veterans. The VA provides more information about government grants on its website.

Department of Kansas Veterans of Foreign Wars Topeka KS 115 Southwest Gage Boulevard 66606 785-272-6463

Disabled American Veterans Topeka KS 2200 Southwest Gage Boulevard 66604 785-272-5678

Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs Topeka KS 700 Southwest Jackson Street, 701 66603 785-296-3976

US Veterans Affairs Department Topeka KS 401 Southwest Topeka Boulevard 66603 785-296-5032

US Veterans Affairs Department Topeka KS 3401 Southwest 21st Street, 9 66604 785-350-3700

Veterans of Foreign Wars Topeka KS 3110 Southwest Huntoon Street 66604 785-235-9073

A Department of Transportation is a state or federal agency that plans and develops transportation systems and infrastructure in Shawnee County, Kansas. The federal Department of Transportation offers several Shawnee County government grants, including grants for road, rail, transit, and port projects, as well as car and vanpool projects, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and transit research and safety improvements. State Departments of Transportation provide grants for private operators, senior centers, non-profits, and transit systems. Shawnee County government grant information is available on the Department of Transportation website.

Dover Township Road Department Topeka KS 6030 Southwest Douglas Road 66610 785-256-6772

Kansas Department Of Transportation Topeka KS 700 Southwest Harrison Street 66603 785-296-3618

Kansas Department Of Transportation Topeka KS 700 South Kansas Avenue 66603 785-296-3585

Kansas Department Of Transportation Topeka KS 121 Southwest 21st Street 66612 785-296-3881

Kansas Department Of Transportation Topeka KS 101 Southwest Gage Boulevard 66606 785-296-2291

Mission Township Road Division Topeka KS 4920 Southwest Wanamaker Road 66610 785-862-1701

Shawnee County Bridge Division Topeka KS 241 Northeast 46th Street 66617 785-286-1069

Topeka Transportation Department Topeka KS 201 Northwest Topeka Boulevard 66603 785-368-3803

A Chamber of Commerce promotes economic development and business activity, either at the federal, state, or local level in Shawnee County, Kansas. The U.S. Department of Commerce provides government grants to Shawnee County local Chambers of Commerce as well as grants through multiple bureaus. It also provides market development awards for non-profit industries, including trade associations. Local Chambers of Commerce may also help member businesses secure Small Business Administration grants, business development grants, and economic development funding. Chambers of Commerce provide information about government grant programs on their websites.

Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce Topeka KS 120 Southeast 6th Avenue 66603 785-234-2644

Kansas Chamber of Commerce Topeka KS 835 Southwest Topeka Boulevard 66612 785-357-6321

A Housing Authority provides low-income rental housing, rental assistance programs, and other housing assistance for eligible individuals and families in Shawnee County, Kansas. At the federal level, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) operates over 20 government grant programs, including affordable housing development grants, community and economic development grants, fair housing grants, and rental assistance grants. HUD also offers Shawnee County supportive housing and services grants. Housing Authority grants can help fund Shawnee County low-income housing, local housing assistance programs, and provide grants for housing assistance such as Section 8.

Topeka Housing Authority Topeka KS 2442 Southeast Colonial Drive 66605 785-215-6205

A Department of Labor operates at the state or federal level to develop employment opportunities, improve workforce competitiveness, and promote safe working conditions in Shawnee County, Kansas. The federal Department of Labor offers multiple government grant programs, including job training grants, public employment grants, and unemployment grants. They also offer non-profit grants, health and safety grants, and veteran employment grants. State Departments of Labor may also provide Shawnee County grant programs. More information about government grants is available on the Shawnee County Department of Labor website.

Topeka KS Department of Labor Topeka KS 401 Southwest Topeka Boulevard 66603 785-296-5000

Topeka Kansas Department of Labor Topeka KS 1309 Southwest Topeka Boulevard 66612 785-296-5042

A Social Security Office is a local branch of the federal Social Security Administration in Shawnee County, Kansas. Social Security provides services for eligible people, including retirement benefits, and it also provides government grants. Social Security's research and demonstration grants fund innovative research that help manage and administer Shawnee County Social Security programs. Service grants support beneficiaries return to work and access rehabilitation services. Local Shawnee County offices can help with grant applications. Social Security Offices provide more information about their government grants on their websites.

Topeka Social Security Office Topeka KS 600 Southwest Commerce Place 66615 888-327-1271