Perkins County Government Grants (Nebraska)

A Housing Authority provides low-income rental housing, rental assistance programs, and other housing assistance for eligible individuals and families in Perkins County, Nebraska. At the federal level, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) operates over 20 government grant programs, including affordable housing development grants, community and economic development grants, fair housing grants, and rental assistance grants. HUD also offers Perkins County supportive housing and services grants. Housing Authority grants can help fund Perkins County low-income housing, local housing assistance programs, and provide grants for housing assistance such as Section 8.

Grant County Housing Authority Grant NE Apt 100, 300 Warren Ave, Apt 100 69140 308-352-4346

A Department of Transportation is a state or federal agency that plans and develops transportation systems and infrastructure in Perkins County, Nebraska. The federal Department of Transportation offers several Perkins County government grants, including grants for road, rail, transit, and port projects, as well as car and vanpool projects, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and transit research and safety improvements. State Departments of Transportation provide grants for private operators, senior centers, non-profits, and transit systems. Perkins County government grant information is available on the Department of Transportation website.

Perkins County Road District Grant NE Road 760 69140 308-352-4906