Stanton County Government Grants (Nebraska)

A Veterans Affairs Department provides services to veterans, including veterans from the Armed Forces and Reserves in Stanton County, Nebraska. The federal VA, as well as local Stanton County branches, provide government grants for veterans in rural areas, homeless providers grants, community agency grants, and nurse retention grants. The Stanton County VA also provides cemetery grants and supportive services grants for veterans and their families. VA grants both go to agencies, organizations, and individual veterans. The VA provides more information about government grants on its website.

Stanton County Veterans Service Stanton NE 804 Ivy Street 68779 402-439-2196

Veterans of Foreign Wars Stanton NE 1106 Veterans Avenue 68779 402-439-2113

A Housing Authority provides low-income rental housing, rental assistance programs, and other housing assistance for eligible individuals and families in Stanton County, Nebraska. At the federal level, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) operates over 20 government grant programs, including affordable housing development grants, community and economic development grants, fair housing grants, and rental assistance grants. HUD also offers Stanton County supportive housing and services grants. Housing Authority grants can help fund Stanton County low-income housing, local housing assistance programs, and provide grants for housing assistance such as Section 8.

Stanton Housing Authority Stanton NE 1109 Ivy Street 68779 402-439-2005